About Us

For over 30 years McLaughlin-Long Marketing has made it our mission to provide nothing but quality communications products to our customers. We represent some of the most respected names in the industry and have done so with pride for many years. From complete turnkey systems to land mobile radios and accessories, we handle a range of communications products used by public safety organizations, state and local government agencies, and a variety of commercial business applications. Backed by the most trusted dealer network in the region, we have the tools and experience to provide you with the absolute best equipment and service in the pacific northwest!

We represent products for a variety of industries.


sample imageWhen Communications are critical, our customers look to us to provide them with products that will perform to the highest industry standards. Public safety organizations such as Police and Fire departments know that performance and reliability are essential to getting the job done.




sample imageFrom construction companies to retail stores, a wide variety of commercial industries use two-way radio to facilitate their communications needs. Whether it's communicating with a crane operator or getting inventory updates from the warehouse, we can help you find a cost effective way to keep your business running safely and efficiently.



sample imageNeed to keep track of your fleet? Using the latest in AVL technology we can keep you up to date on the whereabouts of any or all of the vehicles in your fleet. Monitor vehicle location, speed, and activities in real time. Record and log all this information and create reports to help you fine tune your daily schedules. In conjunction with two-way radios you can create a low cost solution for managing your fleet.


Products to improve your communications systems.

sample imageAlong with two-way radios, we also represent a variety of products to augment your communications systems. Consoles, Digital voice recorders, remote controllers, GPS/AVL mapping software and modems can help complete a system to fully meet your needs.

Products to help improve communications coverage.

sample imageThe right Antennas and filtering can improve your systems coverage and performance, guaranteeing you your message will be heard when it must.